martes, 29 de junio de 2010


Nobody planned this
Nobody knew
What was going through our heads
To cause this madness

I carved your name into a bullet
So everyone could know that you were
The last thing going through my head

I would rip my heart out
And wrap it up in a box
Tied with a ribbon
To give to you

I carved your name on the blade
So everyone could know that you were
The one who brought me to this fate

The only reason why I've made this far
Is because I know that tomorrow
I get to see you
To hear your voice ringing in my ears

There is always that one person
That I can never forget
That person is you

You may just be
A person to the world
But you are
The world to me

There were once images
But slowly
Words started to attach

Your name echoes throughout my head
When I look into your eyes
I feel like that I'm safe
Feel like that I can trust you

Should I smile?
Should I cry?
Or should I just die?

Love planted itself into my heart
Though, it shall never be requited
Just the feeling of it is good enough
But it would be great if was requited

[No te espantes, ni tampoco te lo tomes literalmente =P. Te amo! ♥]

1 comentario:

Damián dijo...

jajaja, no me espanto vida y obviamente no lo tomo tan literal, es una poesia, juega con la retorica (?) y es hermoso :)

Te amo muchisimo vida y el resto de las cosas ya las sabes y no da repetirlas 50mil veces xq nos las demostramos dia a dia ♥